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Omakase with Sake Pairing

The talented Chef Shaun Gian presents 2 evenings of exquisite cuisine with the freshest Fall ingredients from Japan. Featuring 9-courses, highlights of the gastronomic journey include Hyogo Oysters, Autumn Truffle Somen, star dish Smoked Otoro with Onsen Egg and the highly prized Miyachiku A5 Wagyu from Miyazaki prefecture.

To heighten your epicurean experience, Urbanfindr’s award winning Master Sake sommelier, Joshua Kalinan has paired each course with sakes from Rokkon, Taiyozakari, Hatsumago and more, revered and sought after by collectors and aficionados the world over.

Join us in this Japanese odyssey – Ode to Omakase.

Venue: The Bettership
Address: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #01-03, Singapore 2292333
Dates: Thursday 26th November & Friday 27th November 2020
Time: 7pm – 9.30pm
Price: $200



1. Hyogo Oysters, 2 ways (Mentaiko, Ponzu and Spring onions)
2. Truffle Somen with fresh Autumn Truffle
3. Kani Miso, Silken tofu and Hokkaido Ikura
4. Grill Scallops w miso mayo, Season Wakame
5. Smoked Otoro w Onsen Egg
6. Hobinosagai cook in sake and garlic butter (Hard Clams)
7. Miyachiku A5 Wagyu Don
8. Sukiyaki Style w Belgian Royal Caviar
9. Shiro Miso Soup w Fresh Local Seafood
10. Dessert: Melon Mochi, Peach Jelly

Sake Pairing

1. Hatsumago Shozui Junmai Daiginjo
2. Hatsumago Yukimegami Junmai Daiginjo
3. Hatsumago Kagaboshi Autumn Junmai Daiginjo
4. Hatsumago Mino No Sekkei
5. Hatsumago Moniji Roman Autumn Junmai Hiya-Oroshi
6. Rokkon Ruby Junmai Ginjo
7. Taiyozakari Tokubetsu Junmai

*Tickets are inclusive of a $10 for your next bottle purchase on UrbanFindr.



Nov 26 2020


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm




The Bettership
2 Handy Rd, #01-03, Singapore 229233


+65 8299 7663